About Rick

    Trained as a realistic painter by his Mother when he was a child, Rick went to art school for college. There he explored every artistic medium there was. One of them was photography, where he studied under 2 well known artist photographers; Jan Groover and Sandy Skoglund. When Rick moved to New York, it was his realistic painting ability that started his career in photo retouching. Soon he was working on major world wide accounts with some of the top retouching studios in New York. And his ability with cameras helped them formulate eye-catching special effects images for major magazines and ad campaigns. In 1983, Rick began shooting for Andy Warhol, who needed a photographer who was an expert in fine art reproductions and retouching. After Andy’s death, The Warhol Foundation hired Rick and his ex-wife to photograph the entire estate. A year long project. 
    Now Rick has combined his talents as both a photographer and advanced retoucher to become one of the premier headshot photographers in New York, shooting portraits and events in New York and anywhere else a plane can fly.
                                   rick@rickschwab.net      917-374-2315