My Retouching and Compositing Work

I do beauty and product retouching for Maybelline
I’ve done lots of “lifestyles” catalog retouching too.
Here is the before and after samples of a product I retouched for Donna Karan
Celebrity and product retouching together
The top image is the original. The art director then decided to add roses. So the photographer shot roses spread out on black paper and I composited them all in around her as if the roses and the model were shot together.
This corporate visual is about “emerging financial markets.” I searched and found over 20 stock images that I then composited together to create this island of world cities. I also had to retouch and pixel paint seams out and match lighting. It was a hit.
For Fortune Magazine. I composited and pixel painted in over 100 windows to spell out “75” in the New York Time Life building.